I’m so happy you're here! My name is Kristie, and I'm a girl who loves soft light & authentic moments. Whether you are looking for a photographer to document your wedding, or a ball of energy to capture your family, or a girl who can quote "Friends" better than anyone -you’ve come to the right place!

I believe in building relationships with my clients, and that starts right here! I’d love to give you a peek into who I am and the things that make me excited to get up each morning.

I've been married to my sweetheart for 13 years, and together we are raising 4 incredible kids in the great state of Arizona. Our life is wonderfully chaotic, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

When I'm not holding a camera, you'll most often find me driving someone to soccer practice, binging Netflix with my hubby, or wandering the aisles at Target. I have an on again off again relationship with Diet Dr. Pepper, and I've never met a brownie I didn't like!


- Kristie

I’m in actual tears. I am seriously speechless,  I had chills the whole time looking through our photos! Thank you for capturing these sweet moments I will cherish forever!
Chey & Brad


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My hubby and I speak the same language. Which is mostly a mix of quotes from The Office, Friends, Parks and Rec, and Anchorman.

He is my Lobster, through and through. 

Kristie's Favorite Things

"That's what she said"

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Whether it’s a road trip to Disney with the kids, or a flight to somewhere exotic and new - I LOVE stepping away from everyday life to explore and make memories!

Kristie's Favorite Things


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Freshly blown out hair, a well fitting pair of jeans, and the perfect shade of lipstick. When I have all 3 happening at once, I’m basically winning at life.

Kristie's Favorite things

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The perfect pair of heels, your grandmother’s pearls, the perfume you wore on your wedding day. Bridal details make my heart happy, and I could photograph them Every. Day.  

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Kristie's Favorite Things


A father seeing his little girl in her white dress for the first time, or a groom getting his first look at the rest of his life - These tender wedding day moments get me every time.
Don't worry, I'm awesome at shooting with tears in my eyes. 

Kristie's Favorite Things

First Looks

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I LOVE light and neutral spaces. Whether I'm working or relaxing, I feel better in an uncluttered space with lots of natural light. As a photographer I'm always looking for light, non-distracting backgrounds, so that the people and emotions can shine through!

Kristie's Favorite Things

Light & Neutral

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My inspiration

At every age and stage, I’ve used art as a way to express myself, find inner peace, and bring joy to others. My first love was music. I played several instruments all through school. After that I spent a decade in the beauty industry. I loved helping other women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin! This career path moved fluidly into photography. In 2008 I got my very first professional camera, and I was hooked for life.

Why I do what I do

For me it’s about so much more than pretty pictures. It's about the relationships I form with my clients. When I’m able to provide an experience that adds joy to someone's life - it’s hard to describe how happy it makes me. 
Of course I always strive to deliver a stunning gallery of images that are full of emotion and depth. But if my brides can honestly think back on their wedding day, and know it was more fun and more meaningful because I was there - I’ve done my job well. 

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